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Nancy is not accepting new clients into her clinical practice. She is, however, inviting new people to attend workshops on her book, Disentangle, and/or on mindfulness.


Nancy offers individual, couple, family, and group counseling through her private practice in Lexington, VA, USA. She works with adolescents and adults. Clients are seen by appointment.


Nancy’s therapy style involves theory and techniques from various therapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, interpersonal processing, 12-step wisdom, and mindfulness. Nancy’s intent is to meet the client where they are, set collaborative goals, and grow from there.


Clients are seen for 55-minute sessions. The length of the course of therapy is individual and again is collaboratively designed.


Emphasis here is placed on collaborative as Nancy’s therapeutic approach is rooted in fostering self development, and she believes that this occurs by using the therapy relationship and process to engage the client’s self as early and as fully as possible.

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